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Ameritron ALS-600 Amplifier

Multiband (G0FAH) Inverted V, 160 mtr. ZigZag, & 2 mtr./440 J Pole

Astron RS-35M Power Supply

Icom IC-7300
Icom IC-718

MFJ-994B Tuner

G0FAH Antenna

                                                      G0FAh Antenna.jpg (48847 bytes)

I use this antenna in an inverted V configuration with my automatic tuner on 6 meters through 75 meters.  Scroll down to view SWR curves for the various bands.  Note that the curves for 15 and 75 meters are with the tuner in line.  All others are bypassing the tuner.  All of these can be tuned flat with no problem.

                             wpe2.jpg (13302 bytes)wpe3.jpg (12041 bytes)

                             wpe4.jpg (12187 bytes)wpe5.jpg (13393 bytes)

                             wpe6.jpg (12801 bytes)wpe7.jpg (13059 bytes)

                             wpe8.jpg (13566 bytes)wpe9.jpg (12801 bytes)